I am a Christian, a husband, a father. I completed my PhD (Theology, Apologetics, and a cognate in Church History) in Spring 2018 and am looking for opportunities where I can put my skills and education to work making a difference. I hope to have the opportunity to pursue another doctorate in the near future. I'm one of those who actually enjoy "doing" school work, and never lost the thrill of getting to work on my dissertation, so getting to perform that level of research again would be a lot of fun!​ 

I am an apologist at heart, believing it is not sufficient to know what you believe. You must also know why you believe what you believe. Every religion in the world emphasizes what mankind must do in order to satisfy their deity figures, but Christianity focuses on what has already been done by Jesus. The gospel message as presented by Christians is very simple, and revolves around three basic concepts: the deity of Jesus; the death of Jesus; and the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

I enjoy the process of research and writing, and believe that scholarship is of no value if it is not shared. So, please feel free to take a look at the Scholarship tab on my website and, where available, you may download papers I've done. I hope these are of some value and help.

Doug Taylor